canis lupis familiaris

I don't love many things. I mean, really love. But I love my whippet porcelain more than most (inanimate objects anyway).

We spotted it at one of our haunts, Superstition Antiques Mall, up high on a shelf, taunting me with its $60 price tag. We've mentioned how cheap we are, right? I told Whit I had to have it. He said, "do we really need it right now?" A question I hate because a. it takes all of the fun out of wanting something, and b. you never REALLY need anything in an antiques mall. So, with the promise of getting it later, we left.

I couldn't stop thinking about it. Obsessing. You may do this over shoes, clothes... I do this over a porcelain dog. Finally I told Whit I had to go back and get it. Ok, he said, finally tired of me talking about it.

Wouldn't you know it, it was gone. I looked feverishly on the web trying to find something similar, anything... there was nothing. I hated myself for how sad and disappointed I felt and I blamed Whit, told him it was his fault. My birthday approaches and we agree that this year there will be no presents (did I tell you how broke we are?).

"Come here really quick, I have to show you something." yells Whit from the living room. And there it is, my white lovely, sitting on the coffee table. Turns out, Whit went back to the antiques store after our first visit, bought it, and hid it from me for 2 months. He let me go back searching for it, yell at him and feel upset for 2 months... he is dedicated to his deception, and dammit, I love him. But mostly, I love my whippet.

P.S. A few months later we got a REAL live sight hound.... Lola the Afghan Hound.

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