wassily chair

Whenever we make a find at a thrift store, we always grab it and run to the check-out as if we've stolen something and we want to get away before anyone catches us with the loot. This was one of those finds. We got this Wassily chair at a Goodwill this weekend for $13! It was originally designed by Marcel Breuer in the 1920's during the Bauhaus movement. This is a knock-off (you can tell because the originals have no bolts or endcaps - they were fully welded) but for $13, what do you expect? In our case it actually worked out better because we were able to take it apart and rearrange some of the straps to hide some of the wear. We also had to do some work on a bit of rusty chrome and some dirty leather, but nothing a little CLR and leather cleaner wouldn't fix. It's going to make a nice addition to our living room.

Here are some before shots. We were a little nervous we wouldn't be able to put the puzzle back together when we took it apart:

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  1. Love it. Take that to a lil' league baseball game, and put all the folding chairs to shame.